Our Story

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, avid windsurfer and runner, John Flynn changed careers to launch Flappin Flags in Eugene Oregon in 1994 . What began as a local T-shirt print shop evolved, and in 1996 John’s company entered the wholesale gift and souvenir marketplace offering screen imprinted boat flags.

In 1998, the business expanded with employees and a business manager, aka John’s spouse and partner, Ardie. 

John’s creative side envisioned Pirate and Nautical sayings that he would imprint on flags not done before in the souvenir markets. These flags were not like others.  They were unique, suitable for outdoor use, and geared for the souvenir buyer. 

Best seller shown here is just one of the many hundreds of designs we have offered to our customers over the years. 

Over the years, Flappin Flags has expanded its inventory selection include large Pirate Flags, as well as other Piratical and Nautical merchandise, including headwear, toys, drinkware. 

Our customers include small and medium sized gift and souvenir stores as well as Pirate Themed entertainment customers.  We sell to USA, Caribbean, Canadian, and UK customers.

Today, John and Ardie are the Mom and Pop of Flappin Flags and continue to guide the business in the qualities that they value.

  • Love What You Do
  • Appreciate Your Customers
  • Offer Quality Merchandise
  • Offer Consistent and Dependable Customer Service
  • Be Competitive with Pricing

We look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come, and we welcome your calls, emails and texts. 

John and Ardie Flynn